Friday, June 15, 2012

Soul Glow XBOX 360 Controller Thumbsticks (PAIR)

Soul Glow XBOX 360 Controller Thumbsticks (PAIR) Review

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Soul Glow XBOX 360 Controller Thumbsticks (PAIR) Feature

  • "Wicked Grip" rubber overmold with a feel similar to standard Microsoft thumbsticks.
  • Colored plastic retains bright hue over time and with use.
  • Simple installation for an easy controller modification.
  • Glows in the dark!

A quick and easy mod, these thumbsticks are a fun way to shake up the standard landscape of your Xbox 360 wireless controller. MadModz thumbsticks have their "Wicked Grip" rubber overmold, similar to that of standard Microsoft thumbsticks for hours of gaming comfort. The color you see is embedded in the plastic, not painted on, so it won't wear away over time.

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